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Third day on safari, we all got up and had breakfast early. We were in the truck and descending into the crater by 7am. It was still foggy so we couldn’t see anything. The weather was nice, around 18 degrees C. The first animals we saw were two cheetahs casually laying around, with big bellies, leading Issa to guess they had just eaten. Now in retrospect and looking at the pictures, I believe one of them was pregnant.

Inside the crater and in our vehicle, we all had a cup of coffee to warm up.

And as magic, we began to see many other animals. I remember seeing 5 lionesses and a young lion. For a while, we waited around hoping we would see them hunt, but they did not.  We saw a rhino which is a rarity. We saw hyenas running alongside herds of zebras.

After driving around the crater for a few hours, we stopped at the hippo swamp to eat lunch. After lunch, we took off to the Serengeti.

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Our second day on safari we got up and went back into the Tarangire.  For me the elephants were the best.  We saw a baby elephant drinking its mother’s milk.  We saw a group of them “bathing.”  Bathing in elephant terms has nothing to do with getting clean.  It’s a matter of changing from the old protective layer of filth to a new protective layer of filth.  First they roll around in water, then scratch themselves on any available rock or log or tree, then roll around in the dirt and pick up dirt with their trunks and shower it on themselves like cologne.

After lunch we got on the road to the Ngorongoro Crater area where we would spend the night so that we would be there bright and early the next day.  Tarangire is near lake Manyari and at the edge of highlands which sit dramatically on the horizon.  On the drive to Ngorongoro we headed straight for the wall in the west with the sun in our faces.  I sat up front with Issa.  The sun was brutal.  But as we started to climb up into the highlands the temperature dropped.

When we got close to Ngorongoro and night was falling we saw a leopard in the road.  It was a lucky coincidence because they are known to be so shy.  We tried to stop and see it better but it was gone in an instant.  When we got to a point with a nice view of the crater after sunset we stopped to admire the view and take some photos.  We stayed in a place close by.  We had a good dinner and I went to sleep.  It was nice to sleep because it was cold.  T- stayed up and worked on organizing all the photos she took during the day.

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