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I got the J.M. Coetzee book Disgrace from the couch surfing library of our hosts in Zürich.  I finished reading it in Geneva.  These days I am inclined to be scared of places I have not been and that could be dangerous.  Maybe I’m just getting older.  Maybe I value my life more. It wasn’t always so – I haven’t always had so much good in my life that I was afraid to lose.

This book made me very afraid to go to South Africa.  It was a thought-provoking book.  After thinking about it more, I realize that it probably shouldn’t be read as a “true” story.  It don’t think some of the things the characters in the book do ring true.  I’m inclined to think it is more of an allegory.  The message I got from the book is that the apartheid system did sever psychological damage to both the whites and blacks in South Africa.  And that damage is still manifesting itself today in more psychological and physical cruelty.

While I’m still scared, I would like to someday go to South Africa to form a first hand opinion.


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