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Thinking about our trip

Its been too long that this blog about our trip is unfinished.  I think about it almost every day… A new less ambitious dream would be to finish writing about the experiences.


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March 31st 2010 was a good day.  I went to get a background check.  Guess what.  I’m clean.  I needed an official piece of paper saying I have no criminal history when I apply for my Brazilian permanent visa.  So that was no sweat.  I got in and out of the Sherrif’s office pretty quick over lunch time.

Next, I got a call from someone interested in buying one of our cars.  And… they eventually bought it.  Now we’re down to one car but we’ve got a few more dollars towards the trip.  This is another thing that is making me feel like our dream is on the way to becoming a reality.

After I got off of work, we walked downtown for a nice dinner at a nice restaurant.  I had “branzino al sale.”  I’ve never had that before.  Branzino is a fish, and they cook it whole with a thick crust of salt.  They bring out the whole thing and break off the crust of salt in front of you.  I asked them to let me fillet the fish myself.  They were a little worried because there are some bony areas of the fish.  But I managed not to choke on any sharp bones and it was really tasty.  The wife had her usual pasta dish that she likes.  I got to have the artichoke heart off her plate.  Fantastico!

When we got home, the wife tried to sleep while I lay in bed next to her watching a Champions league game between Arsenal and Barcelona.  Barcelona was the ridiculously dominant team.  But the game amazingly ended up 2:2.  Yeah, Fantastico!  I was watching a replay, but I was still praying for Fabregas to knock in the penalty.  Ai ai Puyol.  How can that guy be an athlete?  I’m always wondering if he isn’t one of the Ramones running around on the field.  Granted, he is a great player.

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